Safety and Health

There are various risk factors with arc welding such as ray, heat and fine particle. Here are some of the factors:

  1) Intensive heat from the arc
  2) Bright ray from the arc
  3) Spattering and slug
  4) Welding fume
  5) Gas

In order to keep these risk factors away from human body, the plant managers and welders themselves need to take necessary preventive action to secure safety with welders and also in their working section. It is also very important to use welding material in proper ways.

As it is also necessary to cope with environmental issues to protect the earth. JWMA has been working with the rules and restrictions regarding various safety and health issues.

< SDS (Safety Data Sheet) > -------(Former name: MSDS ,Material Safety Data Sheet)

@ Unified basic format of SDS has been studied by JWMA and it can be obtained from any homepage of the welding material manufacturers.