JWMA is promoting the production, distribution, application and trading of welding material, which is essential for the development of economy, industries, improvement of people's living. In addition, JWMA collects and provides various statistics of welding material industry, and works on improvement of technology, quality and environment issues. JWMA's objective is to develop Japanese welding material industry through these activities.

List of JWMA Activities

  1. Providing statistics of production, distribution, inventory, application and trade of welding material.
  2. Research on improvement of quality and welding technology.
  3. Research on environmental issues and safety.
  4. Research on production technology and equipment technology.
  5. Public relations activity of welding material and publish of magazines and journals.
  6. Collect and provide published literatures and various information.
  7. Promoting international communication program
  8. Holding lecture program, technical lessons, exhibition, observing meetings.
  9. Negotiation with relevant government officials, and cooperation with related organization
  10. Other business - Anything that relates to JWMA's objective.
Chairman Mr. Kazuyuki Suenaga
Executive Officer, Head of the Welding Business , Kobe Steel, Ltd.
Vice-Chairman Mr. Takayuki Taenaka
Representative Director and President , NIPPON STEEL WELDING & ENGINEERING CO.,LTD.
Organization Chart

Organization Chart

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